{Helpful hints when preparing for your photos}


Selecting the right wedding photographer is very important. Once your wedding day is over, you will depend on their work to remind you of your special day and show you all the details that you were too busy to notice. A good photographer will help you to remember those special moments.
Here are a few very basic guidelines to get you started.

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH: There are many talented wedding photographers out there, it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. Facebook and other social media networks are great for checking out wedding albums. Take a look at the photographer's website as well, and carefully review his or her portfolio. The most important thing is to see if a photographer's work looks appealing to you. So with a little research, you could find yourself the perfect photographeR
  2. PERSONAL REFERRALS: Build a list of a few wedding photographers whose style you like. Asking friends and relatives for recommendations is a really great way to start. People who have had positive experiences with photographers are always happy to share their photographer's names with you.
  3. MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER: It is extremely important to meet with the photographer; not only to discuss your requirements, but also to give you time to see if you feel comfortable with your photographer. Keep in mind that you'll be spending all day with your wedding photographer, so you should feel relaxed and at ease with them.
  4. EQUIPMENT & EDITING: A professional photographer should always have professional equipment if they take their job seriously and will spend many hours on editing each wedding to ensure that every photograph you receive is perfect.
  5. KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GETTING: Not all photographer's post their packages online, but they should definitely be willing to discuss the details of their services anytime. I personally don't post my packages openly on my website, but my site viewer can very easily contact me to request a detailed information package. I prefer it this way because I feel that my clients should have as much information as possible so that they can make a detailed decision and not an impulsive one.
  6. PRICE: When it comes down to it all, we all have a budget that we need to stick to. It's always good to check your budget early in your wedding planning process so that you can look at photographer within your price range. I would suggest choosing a wedding photographer, based not only on price, but on the above guidelines as well. Once your special day is behind you, you will forget about the price long before you forget that your photographs are not exactly what you wanted. The main reason you should be hiring a specific photographer to shoot your wedding is because you love their images and style of photography, and it's a style that you can connect with and see yourself in.

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