ZULU NYALA COUNTRY MANOR WEDDING / Kundi & Mohau - December 2013

Kundi & Mohau celebrated their happy wedding at the very chic Zulu Nyala Country Manor, just outside of Fourways. I couldn't get enough of Kundi's gorgeous dress! Thank you Kundi & Mohau for being so great to photograph - I hope I've been able to capture plenty of amazing memories for you!! Enjoy the photos!

Bride's Dress: Bride & Co
Reception Dress: Unbuttond - Khosi Mguni 072 444 0477
Groom's Suit: Swanker
Tiffany Chairs: Nkele 083 275 4682
Bride & Groom's Chairs: McCoy's Special Events - Bheki - bheki.mccoy@gmail.com
Flowers & Decor: Derek Herrer - derek@zulynyala.com
My Assistant: Thank you Stephan Potgieter!

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