Pretty Proteas

I've never been the biggest fan of a Protea, but I'm slowly developing a real love for these flowers. My hubby brought home a box full of these beautiful flowers for me the other night when he returned home from a business trip to Cape Town. I mixed them with a few pink roses that I already had in a vase, don't they just look stunning together?

Here are few interesting facts about Proteas:
- Did you know that 300 million year old fossils indicate that the Protea are one of the most ancient
   plants in the world?
- The name 'Protea' is derived from the mythological Greek Sea god, Proteus, who had the power to
   spontaneously change his shape.
- There are over 1 500 types of Protea, originating from Australia, Southern Africa and South America.

Sabrina & Andrew | Engaged


I had tons of fun on this engagement shoot with Sabrina and Andrew bright and early on this cold Winter's morning.

The 'WRITE' stuff!

I spent this morning shooting something a little different to my usual subject matter. A huge challenge for me, because I'm so used to shooting living things!  I don't think these came out too badly for my first try at shooting pens though. Here are just a few of the many shots taken today.

My brother-in-law hand makes these beautiful pens and he needed some shots to start off his catalogue. For more information on these stunning pens, you can visit his website or take a look at his Facebook page.

Jesslyn + Marius Married | Pretoria | 31.03.12

Jess & Marius tied the knot at The Collection Function & Conference venue in Pretoria. What a beautiful wedding for an awesome couple! I absolutely loved the maroon details, especially Jess' Arum lily bouquet, really stunning!! Here are just a few photos from their special day, for more you can check out my Facebook page.

My assistant: Thank you Marené Visser

An old favourite!

While sorting out my hard drive this evening, I came across this one from a beach wedding I shot in 2010. A genuinely sweet moment between these two! Love it!