Weddings | Chazlin & Sherwyn | Swan Lake Lodge and Conference Centre, Centurion | 23.03.2013

Chazlin and Sherwyn's wedding really was like a fairytale. How wonderful it is to be young and in love! They celebrated their marriage at the Swan Lake Lodge and Conference Centre in Centurion with lots of family and friends. We were lucky enough to get in a few shots during the couple shoot before the heavens opened up on us, luckily rain on a wedding day is considered to be good luck and I'm sure these two will have tons of it in their new life together! :) Enjoy the photos!

Make-up: Nabeelah nabeelah2512[at]
Hair: Ambie Chinsamy 084 014 0880
My assistant: Thank you Meghan Lategan


  1. Wow It looked beautiful Sherwyn, congrats. Now i know where to go for pics next year. They captured everything.