When it comes to planning your wedding there are so many things to think about and budget for. Your list will seem endless and you will have no idea where to even start.
I've been thinking a lot about my own wedding lately and I'd like to share my own experience with you.

A few years ago, I was a bride myself, and I was so disappointed when I saw our photos after the wedding. There were so few photos that I felt I could put in a frame; many were blurred, the poses were so awkward and the lighting was all wrong, not to mention many moments that weren't captured at all.

It was then that I realised, that I had overlooked a very important item that should have been a little higher up on my wedding priority list while planning -  hiring a professional photographer!  Unfortunately, I didn't know any better at the time, and now these photos sit in a box under my bed gathering dust because I'm too ashamed to take them out. My biggest regret is that our special day happened once and we had a single opportunity to have those memories captured beautifully; a chance we'll never get back or be able to recreate.

It was this very bad experience with my own wedding photos that inspired me to do what I do today.

Some of  our very uncomfortably posed wedding photos (cringe!)
The question you have to ask yourself is, is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to planning your wedding? In my opinion, probably not, but it should be right up there on your priority list of things to look at, budget for and book. 

Wedding photography is important because it will capture your memories and tell the beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget.  Your photos are keepsakes that you can treasure forever, a story that you can show your friends and family, children and grandchildren.

With all the excitement of planning your wedding, it's not always nice to think about it, but your flowers will wilt, your cake will be eaten, your invitations will be thrown away when the day is over and your beautiful dress will be worn once. I'm not trying to be gloomy, but I'm speaking from realistic experience. This is all about perspective and trying to help you to focus your budget on things that may not seem so important, like wedding photography. 

When it comes to your wedding planning, it's much more than just one day. It's about a lifetime of memories. It's about capturing moments and emotions and being able to relive the day through beautiful photos.

If you are only now starting to plan your wedding and looking at your budget, my advice to you is to increase your budget for wedding photography. It's not just about a few photographs of you and your partner on your wedding day looking happy and beautiful, it's about the story of your wedding day, from getting ready with your bridesmaids, capturing the gorgeous details after many hours of planning, the stunning flowers, your dress and venue, capturing the day as it unfolds, your guests who were there to share the day with you, your unique story!

When you are looking at a wedding photographer, please keep in mind that there is so much more to wedding photography than an expensive camera. In the same way an artist uses a paintbrush and a writer uses a pen, these are just the tools; it's the way that the person uses it that produces amazing results. You want someone who knows how to use the camera, who has the experience of taking photographs in different light, different conditions, composing different shots and executing it perfectly. The camera doesn't do this, the photographer does this and has developed their skills and knowledge through years of experience and many hours of shooting. With this you get consistency, not one or two stunning photos, but a whole albums worth.

There is so much more to wedding photography than an expensive camera.

This is your wedding day, and hopefully you will only be having one special day. You only have one chance to capture your wedding day, so make sure you trust and have confidence in your photographer.

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