As a photographer, I really want my couples to look their best in their photos. The question I mostly get when couples are preparing for their engagement shoot is, "What should we wear?" I've put this little article together to make preparation a little bit easier.

There are a few small tips to keep in mind when planning for your session:

  • BE YOU: The purpose of the shoot is to capture you. Go through your closet and find the clothes that you wear all the time, then go through these tips below to make sure that your choice looks good. It's important to wear what photographs well, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

  • LADIES, DON'T BE AFRAID TO DO YOUR MAKE-UP: When it comes to photos, it’s always a good idea to overdo your make up just a tiny little bit, as it will be less visible in photos. Although you can get away with doing your hair and make-up yourself, I'd always suggest either getting it professionally done,  or a friend can help you out so it’s one less thing to worry about. You might want to make an appointment for professional hair and make up, or even schedule a trial with your wedding day makeup artist. Above all else, just make sure you feel comfortable!

  • CONSIDER THE LOCATION: Have a look at your venue. If you have a neutral background, you can make the photos pop by bringing some colour into a piece of clothing. With a colourful background you can be sure that neutral colours will look stunning (black, white, grey, beige, cream or pastels). For example, if your venue is in a park with lots of greenery, a bright pink skirt is not the way to go, rather consider perhaps a white with some very subtle greens. Alternatively, in an urban environment that has a less colourful background, clothing with a pop of colour will look great! 

  • SOLIDS OR SIMPLE PATTERNS: Stick to solids, however,  patterns can also be very flattering. Keep the patterns to one item though. Perhaps a nice pair of jeans with a top with a pattern. Big, bold patterns tend to photograph best. For obvious reasons, items of clothing with logos are a huge no-no when it comes to your engagement photos. After all, you don't want to look like a walking advertisement.

  • LAYER YOUR LOOKS: A great way to include a slight change of look into your photos without having to change entire outfits is to layer your looks. For example, add a jacket or scarf that you can remove for a different look.

  • CLASSIC STYLES: Wear classic styles to prevent the photograph from looking outdated. A little black dress for the ladies and a nice solid-coloured suit for men will never go out of style. Ladies, consider a v-neck top. Turtlenecks, thick scarves and jerseys add bulk to your appearance. V-necks and open collars will elongate your neck and body and bring the focus to your face. Guys, consider a collared shirt. A collared shirt frames the face and can be very flattering. Clothes that sit tighter on your body vs a baggy pants just makes you look slim and also make you look much lighter on the photos. Splurge on a great pair of shoes (yes, your feet will be in some of the photos). Ladies, heels help you maintain better posture! 

  • COORDINATE, DON'T MATCH: Feel free to coordinate your look and wear complementary colours with others in the photo, but don't try to match them. 

  • JAZZ UP YOUR OUTFIT A LITTLE WITH ACCESSORIES: Don't be afraid to wear things that 'pop' such as chunky jewellery, fun shoes, a brightly coloured jacket, a tie or sunglasses. If you are a person who is known for that signature red lip then rock it! Bring yourself with to the shoot. At the end of the day none of us are robots, and there's nothing wrong with a lovely red lip to brighten up your day.

  • NO CREASES: Launder and iron your clothes beforehand to remove any wrinkles.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Remember what makes your relationship special. It's important to be comfortable and even more importantly, enjoy yourself!

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